About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission at The McGuire Hearing Center is to provide personalized attention, and compassionate care, always having the patient’s best interest at heart.

At The McGuire Hearing Center, we strive to offer professional, trustworthy and compassionate care to people seeking improved hearing and communication. In 2016, Dr. Stephanie McGuire became the owner of The McGuire Hearing Center, previously known as Audiology & Speech Associates. Dr. McGuire and her team are proud to serve the residents of Kettering, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Dr. McGuire was born into a family with hearing loss and understands the frustrations associated with this condition. She is dedicated to helping patients hear their best by providing appropriately fit amplification, as well as resources and communication techniques. Dr. McGuire knows hearing loss treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all and takes into consideration the patient’s degree of hearing loss and lifestyle when recommending hearing aids.

Every patient who walks through our doors becomes part of The McGuire Hearing Center family. Schedule a hearing consultation to experience firsthand our personalized, attentive and compassionate care.

Stephanie McGuire

Au.D., F-AAA